We are a organization created to provide Georgia Plumbers’ with education and resources of changing Codes. Georgia Licensing requirements for plumbers require 4 hours of continuing education be obtained each year for license renewal. Our organization provides the following package that provides these classes and more. 
1. Continuing education classes that deal with current plumbing
        issues and changes.
2. Online classes allow the plumber to meet these
        requirements from the comfort of home.
3. Knowledgeable phone, fax, or e-mail answers to code
     questions and interpretations.
4. Web page with latest code questions and answers, links to the
      important sites that a plumber uses.
5. Someone that participates in the state process of code
      development and change.  
You pay $75 for your annual membership and this is tax deductible and will pay you back many times over, each year. If you are interested in becoming a member of GPTA,  you can  download an application, call or come by our offices, or sign up on line (Click on Membership Sign-up.)

For many of the pages you will need Acrobat Reader for viewing or printing. Click logo to get it. IT’S FREE

Effective July 1, 2012, the Professional Licensing Boards Division will no longer print and/or mail courtesy hard copies of blue wall licenses and pocket cards to licensees free of charge. Statutes and board rules require some licensees to post a copy of their license at their place of business for inspection. To meet this requirement, the division will provide free of charge an electronic version of the professional license for the individual or business to obtain from our website. This change will apply to all license types and to the issuance of new, renewed, and reinstated licenses. 

Georgia Plumbers' Trade Association for Continuing Education, Inc.
P.O. Box 1698 Stockbridge, GA 30281
770-573-4815 or 1-866-712-1992    
Fax 678-833-5871 
Email: admnasst@gpta.net 

Ron Anderson

NOTaccepting applications for

March License Preparatory Class

It is full.