Upon completion of 4 hours a Certification Letter will be mailed regular mail.

  • Licensing Board requires these to be held for 5 years.

  Fees must be paid before credit is given. Classes may be completed before paying

Any applicant for renewal of Master or Journeyman license is required to complete four (4) hours of continuing education per year.
Master and Journeyman Plumbers are required to complete, prior to license renewal, continuing education. Failure to document completion of the continuing education requirements to the satisfaction of the Division of Master and Journeyman Plumber shall be grounds for disciplinary action, including denial of renewal of the license or revocation of the license, unless waived by the Division.
      The division may approve applicants for renewal who have completed at least a total of 8 hours of continuing education within the 24 months prior to the expiration date.
          Applicants for renewal of master or journeyman plumber license must report on the application for renewal whether or not all applicable continuing education requirements have been met. Licensees shall maintain, for at least five years after completion of the course, records confirming attendance at and completion of continuing education courses, including the following information:
(a)  school or organization conducting the course;
(b)   title of course;
(c)   location and date of the course;
(d)   course outline or topics covered;
(e)  hours of instruction;
(f)      documentation of attendance and satisfactory completion.
      GPTA will refuse to grant credit if the materials you select are not covered  completely and the time

equals at least 4 hours in total.

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Estimating & Bidding (1 Hour Credit)
Business Law (1 Hour Credit)
Water Heating (1 Hour Credit)
Plbg Code Chapter 3  (1 Hour Credit)  
Plastic Pipes Installation (1 Hour Credit)

Part 1 Plbg Code Changes Chapter 4 (1 Hour Credit)

Part II Plumbing Code Chapter 4 (1 Hour Credit)

Manufacturer's Instructions and the Code (1 Hour Credit)

Profit Planning (1 Hour Credit)

Soil Erosion (1 Hour Credit)

ADA Changes (1 Hour Credit)